THE DEATH TRIP ( 3rd PART ) ” The Angels”

The Angels

I wanted to publish this article in this time because during this time exactly in 2015 , I was in the Mediterranean sea struggling to survive, dreaming of the freedom land , trying to arriving in a new continent and new life , during this year in France , one year of struggling also , and meeting amazing people , and disappointed also , one year without  even single ID paper  , at June 2015 I entered as “illegal migrant” and June 2016 I am  still “illegal migrant” , everything is The same ‘except’ ( I changed my hair style) , but this is not what this article about , I will publish a long article about what I found in France soon .

This article about the Angels , who I called them and told them  that name  ( maybe it’s their jobs ) but for us who was in this thin line between life and death , I saw them that way , so I dedicate this article to the rescue teams in the Mediterranean , thank you so much for rescued us , you will still the Angels of the sea , who helping the migrants who doesn’t have any one to help them in the sea , during this year I met amazing people who help the migrants a lot too (and I really want to thank everyone who helped any migrants ) , but they are the first Europeans I saw in my life who helped us  .

Location : Mediterranean sea at the Libyan coast .
Time : end of may 2015

We are in queue and  at the Coast , the people with the fuel tanks at the first of the queue, the sound of the waves when it’s smashing the rocks , it’s really loud and scary ( except if you enjoy in a beach , you will find it romantic and beautiful ) , at that moment people was whispering ( for me to forget about my trip I started to listen to them ) here is part of one conversation I remember .
One guy : do you think we will pass through this big waves with this plastic boat .
The other : I don’t know but  we hope at least we will never been caught by the Libyans coast guards , and why you are afraid ?
The guy : I didn’t tell anyone that I am going to Europe even my family  , I am not afraid of die but I am afraid that my family won’t know that I am dead , look at that guy (pointing to someone )  , they said he supposed to be in the previous boat but he get afraid and escaped when he saw the waves , like this one .
The other : I think he doesn’t have any other choice because he came again .

” The Tormentor  “

At that moment I saw three or four get out from the line and they start running , and two others did the same , I said to myself ( this is really scary , maybe I should run too , but I remembered that I have only three options , arrive in one peace , died in the sea , captured by the Libyans coast guards , but in the last option I will come again and again till I arrive or I die ) , the smugglers start to load the boat with the people one by one , after while the boat became full but there is more in the coast waiting to ride in , so one of the smugglers get in with us to make space for the others , they send to him every person of the others and he pushing and beating with his steak to make the space ,  I get lucky to understand the other meaning of the word ( be together and united till the storm pass) ,  I was sitting on someone and someone sitting on me , someone head between my knees  , and everyone was accepting the other .

” Shark Vin “

The captain started the machine , and the assistant prepared his GPS ( while we were in the farm , the smugglers gave the assistant GPS but he couldn’t configured it because he didn’t use one before , I offered my help to configured it and he told me ” when we get into the boat , set next to me , in case I need you help in the GPS , I agreed but when we are in the boat , it was impossible because I am in the front side and he was next to the captain in the other side )  , everyone was afraid and terrifying , during all that night we still see the light’s of Libyans coast , till the morning came , the waves play with the boat like ( a mom who waving her baby except the mom won’t hurt baby ) , at the sunrise I remember when someone saw a shark and he yelled ( I saw a Shark fin over there it’s really close to us , most who in the upper floor “who don’t have anyone above them” and everyone start to make the boat unbalanced , it’s became chaos , the women with her child start to yelled at the people ( why you are all scared from a shark , there’s only one type of death , just be calm and waiting for your disteney ) .

” Our Singer “

The boat keep sailing , just us in this plastic boat between this big waves under the sun , one of the guy has good voice so he start singing loudly to distract the people and this songs was my best songs , the people was afraid but they kept singing together ” Like a afraid child who close his ears to force himself to forget the situation ”  , after hours of sailing people get thirsty and hungry  , the smugglers already gave us some cakes and water , so the people start to pass the cakes to each other , and I remember that guy who couldn’t move his hands because there’s no way to get them out from where they are , so someone above him feed him , and who want to pee he should do it in his own self , some of us used the empty water bottle .

” Are we Lost ! “

The night came , the lights appeared  again in the right side of the boat , we knew that we lost in the sea and we didn’t get far enough of libya , someone yelled at the captain ( you made us lost , you don’t know what to do) , and the captain said ( I am sorry bro , I had never been sailing in the Mediterranean before now) , and the people start worrying of the Libyans coast guards ” because that’s mean you will be send back to your country , or stay in Libyans prison for long time , or you pay to get out of the prison ) , so we all decided to add one rule to our rules that given to us by the smugglers , the rules of the smugglers is ( when you see the rescue boat , first thing you throw the GPS and the satellite phone ” which never worked for us and the GPS also never worked well ” in the water , and the second one is ” there’s no captain in this boat , if you had been asked ” because the captain was migrant too ) and the rule that we added is ( when we see the Libyans coast guards , we will jump in the water , because we all decided to arrive in dignity or died in dignity ) , and this rule means kill you self or arrive in one piece , the captain that we leave the coast on our left side and sailing back again , and twist toward the north , we spend all that night sailing

” Chemical reaction “

During we sailing that night , The boat start to leaking a salt water , we couldn’t know where is the source , it was a small leak , but we are who settingin the floor of the boat , we noticed that we will be cover by this water soon , and  I couldn’t stay in my place like this , so I asked someone who setting on one of the fuel tanks ” the tanks became to be less and less ” , and he agreed happily , for second I asked myself what made him agreed with happiness , hardly we exchange the places , and I felt happy to move my body , but after minute I realized that I am setting on the hell , because when the fuel active with the salt water on the human body it’s become something else unbelievable , I get through many kind of pains and  tortures , but this one of the most painful pain I never have in my life , it’s became like acid , and I will never forget this pain in my life

” No matter the night is long , the morning will come “

The morning came , and we still in the same boat and the same water , but the lights disappeared , the leak of the water became more and more , the people who are in the floor of the boat became half covered by the water , after while we  heard a sound of helicopter , than the helicopter appeared on the sky , everyone at that moment smiled ” I think if the boat have lips will smile too” , ( and if you asked any migrant , what his most happy moment , he will told you when I saw the helicopter of the rescue ) , people start waving their hands , and after while we saw the ship , we took like three or two hours to just arrived near it , when we get close to the ship , two small boats arrived to us , they presented them self that they are from the Irish navy , and they are here to help us ,  they throw to us some life vests , and they took the women’s and the children , and they back again to take us in this small boat’s to the ship ,  but they realized , they can’t do that because we were a lot , so they asked us ( who is the captain ) , we all said THERE’S NO CAPTAIN , he laughed and asked us ( so , how you arrived till here ) , we said , WE DON’T KNOW , ” this was the funniest moment for me ”  , but the guy said ( hey you “and pointed to the captain ” , drive the boat , we saw you ” and he pointed to the helicopter ” ) , the captain didn’t respond and stayed in his place , till they decided one of them will drive the boat , and he get in the boat , but they didn’t found the key of the machine ” I think the captain when he was happy or afraid , he throw it with the GPS and the phone ” , so they had to use the key of their boat .

” The little Europe “

We get close of the ship , they dropped the ladder to a another boat between our boat and the ship , they choose us one by one to claim the ladder to the deck of The ship , when you get on the deck first person will check you ( security check) after that , I found out there is more than 400 persons before us ,  the ship was full of migrants , at this time , when I looked at those who work in the ship , I didn’t saw them as humans , I saw them as Angels ( maybe you will think  , I shouldn’t called them Angels , because there’s a lot of people who help , and this is their jobs ) , but I am looking from my point of view , they are the first persons who helped me , and they were SOO kind with us , I just saw them in this way.

Location : Irish navy ship , Mediterranean sea
Time : end of may 2015

After we get the blankets and snacks , and been checked by the doctors , everyone was exhausted , and happy , and thinking about this land called ( Europe) , for me I was thinking , how it’s look like ? , are they nice people ? , do they will hate me ? , how they living ? , who are they ? , ( I force my imagination to stop thinking ,  before I will get to the question of , “are they humans? ” 🙂  ,  while I was in this situation , I looked at the navy man who was happy and talking to the migrants , I asked myself , why they look happy while they helping us ? , why we miss this opportunity in Africa , why they don’t go to help the refugees in the Africans camp’s ? , why they aren’t fighting against the dictatorships , which is  the main reason of the migration ? , anyway it’s questions without answer I think ! , after that the ship start sailing toward Europe , at that night I had conversation with one of the crew , and I told him how we are all grateful for them to rescue us , and I see them as the Angels , and I wish if all the Europeans like them , the man laughed , and said ” I wished that too , but you will find other type of people ” .

” Palermo chebelposto “

We spent another day to arrive at ” Palermo ” , that’s why I am so grateful to them , because we spent full day with navy ship so what will happened  if  we want to arrive in our  boat all this distance , how we can arrived to the land , I remember every inch in this navy ship , and the faces of the crew , and I remember, I was happy in incredible way , I never had that high  emotions in my life ,after this day ,  we arrived at Palermo Port , and I saw all this people , journalists , medicines , police , associations who waiting for us on the ground , we arrived in queue , and I will never forget this moment when I put my foot in the Italian ground , I knew this is new life for me , new values , new friends , maybe new type of disappoint also , at the first step you will go to the medicines and after that the food and after that the police where they take your information , after that you will go to the bus , my bus was heading to “Messina”   , the procedure was very fast , we were more than 1000 migrants I think , in the time you find there’s  queue in one of the association in France ” without mention the name ” the people  had to stay all the night long , and after that they take only few of them , which make me wondering , WTF is going on!! , they should go to Italy to have training of welcoming the people ” not all of them of course” .

This story of the luckiest migrants in the mediterranean , there’s who lived in wrost situation , and who died during in a trip like this one .

To be continue

(Out of the text )

We take different paths in our life , but I am really happy , because in my path in France , I found Amazing friends , I really appreciated to have them in my life , those friends are my Angels too , thank you a lot to my friends and everyone who helped the migrants .

One of my favorite songs is ( J’ai demandé à la lune ) par “Indochine” , and I want to quote some words of the songs , ” la lune ” is french and ” le soleil” is my government .

J’ai demandé à la lune
Et le soleil ne le sait pas
Je lui ai montré mes brûlures
Et la lune s’est moquée de moi
Et comme le ciel n’avait pas fière allure
Et que je ne guérissais pas
Je me suis dit qu’elle infortune
Et la lune s’est moquée de moi

J’ai demandé à la lune
Si tu voulais encore de moi
Elle m’a dit “j’ai pas l’habitude
De m’occuper des cas comme ça”
et la lune me dire ….

Je n’ai pas grand chose à te dire
Et pas grand chose pour te faire rire

( et je l’ai dit, je ne mérite pas
ce quoi ma faute d’avoir comme ça
je suis Humain comme ils et toi
stp ayez pitié de moi

car à bientôt cette vie je regretterai )


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